About Us

Who we are

The conception of Dave Seafood, Meat & Poultry Company in 1996, was as the result of the entrepreneurship flair that emanated from the innovative zeal of Mr Dave Adodo to contribute to the progression of the food industry in the USA and other parts of the globe. The company has grown from a 350 square feet rented space to a 46,000 square feet owned facility in the heart of the state of Maryland industrial and financial center Baltimore City.  Since the inception, the tangibility of Dave Seafood, Meat & Poultry products in the business environment has redefined the taste of chicken, turkey and fish.  The company highest commitment is to ensure customers satisfaction; hence, we focus on continuous improvement, maintaining quality and services.


Dave Seafood, Meat & Poultry Company is located in the industrial milieu.  The company is highly loaded with the best machinery, equipment and materials to carry out production and services as well as maintaining the high level of hygiene in corresponding with the norms and specification of the health and safety authorities including duly complying with the environmental regulations.


The company, continuous rapid development even in the face of challenges and economic turbulences, is strengthened through its hardworking, resilient and visionary Chairman/CEO Mr Dave Adodo. These are measurable in the following areas consistent impeccable quality products, advanced services as well as sustaining and increasing the footprint in the business environment. Dave Seafood Meat & Poultry produce an exceptional and powerful team spirit built on the sound ambition to deliver outstanding products for its clienteles as well as to be the choice of consumers. The company solid and stable structure consists of various departments that are strategically collaborating to ensure smooth productivity, services and profitability.


The company workforce is the engine power spinning the wheel of production and service. They are highly trained and constantly undergoing various internal and external capacity building to effectively and efficiently maintaining the momentum and enhancing the progression of the firm.


To widen its market share by 60% in 2020.

To expand its footprint in the business environment by 70% in 2020.

To maintain and continue to increase the level of customers services.

The vision of the company

To see the company products in every targeted sector across the USA and other parts of the Globe.